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 So it's an acronym D.A.W.G.I.E, DAWG as y'now from the American , with .style (like .com only .style) you can suppose anything else. From a background in advertising, the aim has always been to add .... something, even if a touch esoteric.

  Based in Gloucestershire, offering considered design for all sizes, types and ages of business. E.G. If you want the latest or want to keep the oldest website running,  can do.

paxx web design

Flexi / responsive HTML or Wordpress, SEO, social media links and page management, email newsletter sign up forms and email marketing, on line shop management.

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Aiming to impart something engaging, intriguing or memorable about your business, service or product. From international businesses to sole traders. Foreign Trade shows to local newspapers, 48 sheet posters to web banners, magazines to flyers, e-mailers to charity mailers.

No budget? No matter - give me a call see what we can do.

graphics paxx

Logo / identity - it's what differentiates your business from the rest! Reflecting modern engineering efficiency in a minimalist logo of just initials to the highly detailed and hand crafted.......

print paxx

From the prestigious to the price conscious